I forget which Web 3.0 was “the metaverse” but: lol, lmao

The Oakland Wye implies the existence of the Oakland Ex and the Oakland Zee

Currently reading: More, Please by Emma Specter 📚

The LLM people get so mad when you (accurately) call it “next-word prediction”

Do polling place stickers in the UK say “I’ve Voted”?

Please stop saying “USians” on here thank you

Whoever does indigo’s PR deserves a raise: a color nobody thinks about ever yet we all just accept is “in the rainbow”

Everyone who credits Riverdale or Bridgerton with bringing colorblind casting into the public consciousness conveniently overlooks Robert Guillaume as Isaac Jaffe in Sports Night, but we’re not ready for that conversation

Still think “it’s not about you” is the sickest burn you could possibly give someone when required

Slack’s desktop app will really be like “there are 7 new messages. the channel can be scrolled down to show them” and then not scroll the channel down to show them

If your anti-something-ism amounts to nothing more than hatred toward something-ists, you might just be a bigot and not actually opposed to any sort of political philosophy.

You just know those encampment people for whatever reason think the plural of “Zionist” is spelled “Zionist”

I’m bringing it back: Drumpf.

Please stop, you are not on a first name basis with Kenji Lopez-Alt. (His first name is James.)

Who called it tax fraud and not ESOP’s fables?

“Easter egg” outside of the U.S. suddenly referring to an egg made out of chocolate and not an inedible dyed thing that gets hidden in a backyard is really testing my disbelief in the Mandela Effect

Who called it aerosolized virus and not SARin’ gas

I can’t explain it but Google Meet has March 2020 energy


The New Yorker: suède

Mondoweiss #TerribleNames

I’m not a Proxyman, I’m a proxy, man.

Remember antifa?

Want to read: No Judgement by Lauren Oyler 📚

As long as they insist on spelling “Aussie” with a double S like that I’m gonna pronounce it with an S sound not a Z sound. Not my problem

Amanda Gorman is the last example I can remember of someone having a literal 15 minutes of fame